They are afraid of what J.K. Rowling is going to come up next. Even getting into literary criticism, it’s full-blown impossible to not hold great reverence to one of the greatest talents to ever come out of Young Adult literature in the late 20th Century. All I wait is for her to take her time with her upcoming novel to cement her place as a living legend.

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*rolls eyes* or, y’know, there could be people in the world who aren’t completely in love with Harry Potter

It’s a book about a straight white dude with special powers who has an important destiny who is plucked from his normal life into a magical world! HOW NEW AND INNOVATIVE AND FASCINATING.

Look, there’s nothing WRONG with Harry Potter, but they’re not the best frigging books ever to exist. I’d take Alanna of Trebond and Olau and Pirate’s Sweep, or Keladry of Mindelan, or Veralidaine Sarrasri, or Beka Cooper, or Alianne of Pirate’s Sweep, or Lady Sandrilene fa Toren, or Briar Moss, or Trisana Chandler, or Daja Kisubo, or Sabriel, or Lirael, or Cimorene, or Susan Sto Helit, or Tiffany Aching, or Aerin-sol, or Harimad-sol, or Granny Weatherwax, or Nanny Ogg, or His Grace His Excellency The Duke of Ankh Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, or October Christine Daye, or Verity Price, or Georgia Mason, or Shaun Mason and so on and so forth, over Harry Potter any day of the week.

(You may notice the large proportion of those names that are Tamora Pierce. I FUCKING LOVE TAMORA PIERCE. And y’know what, I’m pretty sure she’s on the YA shelf too, and she tells stories about awesome women doing what they want to and with an awesome lack of slutshaming so WHATEVER. I love Tortall FAR more than Harry Potter.)


May I just say - wow, omg, someone else has read Tamora Pierce! NO ONE I KNOW IN REAL LIFE HAS READ HER BOOKS 8l I FELT SO ALONE EVERY TIME I TRIED TO FANGIRL, JESUS 


I also agree wholeheartedly. As much as I love the Potter books, they’re really not the best books out there and are actually problematic. So.

Joining in both the seconding of shiyiya’s commentary and the Tamora Pierce love.