1. ladyfaeboleyn:

    I can’t remember — do you watch BBC’s Sherlock? Because I have a couple of good OT3 fics in that fandom… .

    I do, actually - currently going through AO3’s John/Sherlock/Lestrade section. So far they seem to be a bit better about not as much PWP than I usually find. :)

    Only problem is, reading them is making me want more poly fic in general. I am such a sucker for it.

    If you haven’t found it yet, I can really recommend impishtubist’s Variations on A Theme, which is probably my favorite. Jain’s Beginner’s Studies is fairly good [and entirely about working out the rules of the relationship]. Of Two Detectives and a Doctor is short and fluffy, but it’s definitely not PWP. Also thirdbird’s Triangulations series, which starts John/Lestrade but does work it’s way to OT3.

    I’m afraid I don’t have fic for any other poly pairings, but if you haven’t found those you might enjoy them.

  2. Does anyone have any fic recs for aromantic ace characters?

    I have a few for Sherlock fandom, but not many. And I’d love to find some in other fandoms.

    And right now, I’d even read fandoms I’m not familiar with. I’d just like a substantially sized fic that engages with asexuality.

    And I really need to actually write that asexual Raoul Tortall fic that has been circling in my head since before NaNo.

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