1. I think, as long as I’m closeted to the people I share a house with, I need more clothing that allows me to pretend I’m … I don’t know. A modern day AU Tris Chandler, or Sybil Ramkin, or Morgan le Fae, or other badass woman characters I’d consider cosplaying if I actually identified as a girl. Because it’s a lot easier to ignore the dysphoria if I’m in costume.

    I don’t know if this is healthy or not.

    I also sort of want to dye my hair red, but I suspect that would end badly.

  2. God I should not have agreed to this

    I need to remember that clothes shopping is the biggest dysphoria trigger for me I know of.

    But I really need a decent winter coat and I’m home for the weekend and my mother was like “let’s go.”

    So I went.

    And shopped for women’s coats, because I was with my mother and I am in my closet to my mother and it was generally bad. I was looking for something reasonably androgynous and she kept pushing me towards more feminine things.

    Also I did not leave with a coat. And I spent the entire care ride home telling myself that my body was not the end of the world and I wasn’t going to cry, while my mom and little sister talked and tried to engage me in conversation.

    So even if I get to go coat-shopping as a guy next time, I will still have to deal with my curves and try to buy a decent coat that works for me.


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