1. Not. Cool. Guys.

    Seriously, who the fuck thought that GIF of Moriarty shooting himself with “Can’t deal” or something similar flashing all over it was a good idea?

    It’s not funny.

    Considering how quiet I usually am on here, this isn’t much of a threat, but I’ll be unfollowing anyone who uses it/reblogs something without removing it, because I cannot deal with that shit.

  2. Those Sherlock gifs floating around could REALLY use a trigger warning tag… or something.


    People tend to forget that some of us contend with very real issues concerning depression and suicidal thoughts, not to mention the potential traumas of having loss someone.

    I know that fandom is dedicated and passionate (what fandom isn’t?) but that’s such a serious and tender subject, I would hope for a tad bit more discretion and care when it comes to posting/talking about it.

    Yeah. Seconding this, because I’ve already seen them to, and I don’t think any of them had a “tw: suicide” tag or something similar.

    I get that everyone’s excited about the episode, and that it’s one of the scenes that’s going to be analyzed very closely in the next couple of weeks, but, uh … I’m someone who had to pause the episode when I realized where Moriarty was going and have a debate with myself whether or not seeing the last fifteen minutes was going to fuck with my head more than I could handle.

    I’ll go into the tags expecting the GIFs and screencaps, but if I could get some warning on my dash, I’d appreciate it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would.

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