1. [Image description: Series of four oval drawings. The first one depicts Sherlock as the Mad Hatter at a tea party with John as Alice, Sherlock passing John a cup of tea as John discovers the White Rabbit’s severed head. The second is Mycroft as Humpty Dumpty, falling off the wall as Lestrade as king rushes to catch him. The third is Mrs Hudson as Mother Goose by the fire. The last is Molly as Little Red Riding Hood, with Jim Moriarty lurking in the wooded background, the body of the Big Bad wolf extended behind him.]



    so i drew sherlock casts in fairy tales uh

    guess which episode of sherlock i’m rewatching for the 102134224th times

    also, alternate version for jim:


    I just love this sfm.

    Love the details on them all, but the fourth one is awesome.


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